Rosewood Corridor and Neighborhood Plan

At last night’s meeting of the Rosewood Community Council (April 20, 2017), John Fellows and Leigh DeForth from the city’s Planning and Development Services talked to us about the Rosewood Corridor and Neighborhood Plan that was adopted in 2012.  It can be viewed in its entirety at the link below.


At 150 pages in length, it is a rather unwieldy document. Thankfully, Ms. DeForth has provided shortcuts to sections of particular interest. So grab a cup of coffee and be patient as you navigate. If you have a question or come across something you’d like to comment on, you can reach Mr. Fellows at and Ms. DeForth at Here are Ms. DeForth’s shortcuts:          

Introduction (pages 11-14) summarizes the planning process, for folks who may not have been able to take part, this may be of interest.

·         Existing conditions (pages 15-31) covers statistics about the community, inclusive of spatial analysis (maps), including things like utilities, tree  cover, crime, and transportation options.

·         Physical Development- Neighborhood (pages 33- 38) makes recommendations for the physical development of the neighborhood area (the plan splits the area into neighborhood, corridor, and industrial).  It speaks a lot about land use, zoning, jurisdictional boundaries, and options for pursuing different types of zoning moving forward. 

·         Physical Development – Corridor (pages 40-47) makes recommendations for the physical development of the corridor area along Rosewood itself.  It discusses preferred building types, uses, and streetscapes

·         Physical Development – Industrial (pages  49-54) makes recommendations for the industrial area (the area in proximity to Owens Field), and references the redevelopment recommended in the Columbia Owens Master Plan (an older plan for the area), as well as physical and economic development-related recommendations for the area.

·         Physical Development – Transportation (pages 56- 64) discusses streets, speeds, and bicycle and pedestrian planning options.  We’ll be going over the updated recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian treatments tomorrow when discussing the Walk Bike Columbia Plan ( 

·         Physical Development- Sustainability (pages 66-69) makes some general recommendations to improve sustainability throughout the Rosewood area

·         Physical Development- Implementation (pages 72-82) lists the implementation strategies, actions needed, and timing.

·         Community Input (pages 84-96) reviews the items discussed at public meetings, etc.

·         Maps & Charts (pages 99-132) includes the maps used throughout the process, shown at a larger scale (11×17) for clarity.  Page 108 shows the neighborhood/corridor delineation.

·         Survey (pages 133-147) provides the survey questionnaire, as well as a summary of answers received.


New Development in Rosewood

As many of you know, a new development is coming to the 400 block of S. Saluda Ave. in Rosewood. Developer Scott Linaberry is planning to build eight duplexes on property currently occupied by condemned, run-down bungalows on both sides of the street. According to Scott, his structures “won’t be all brick, but will have brick accents and encapsulated porches to appear cleaner and neater from the street.” He is also touting off-street parking and the preservation of green spaces and trees. The project was approved by the City of Columbia’s Planning Commission on Feb. 6. But the Planning Commission has informed us that they’re willing to hear any concerns neighborhood residents might have. So please feel free to comment here about this new development. Scott has said he will attend our April meeting if necessary. You can email questions, compliments, or concerns to Scott at

RCC Quarterly Meeting This Thursday, Jan. 19, at 6:30 p.m.

Rosewood Community Council will hold its quarterly meeting this Thursday, Jan. 19, in the large conference room at Owens Field Airport. Columbia Police Officer Kevin Schmidt will give us an update on public safety. County Councilman Seth Rose will stop by for a brief visit. Todd Martin from Columbia Parks & Recreation will give us an update on the Owens Field Park renovations. And Rosewood neighbor Jennifer Worth and One Columbia for Arts & History executive director, Lee Snelgrove, will tell us about a new neighborhood public arts project that’s in the works. The meeting begins at 6:30, and we hope to see you there.

RCC meeting this Thursday

County Councilman Seth Rose will attend the Rosewood Community Council’s quarterly meeting this Thursday, Oct. 20, at 6:30 p.m. at the Ben Arnold Boys & Girls Club on S. Holly Street near Memorial Stadium [map]. Councilman Rose and county government staff members will give an update on the Owens Field Park renovation project, and they’ll answers questions about recent tree cutting, the Miracle Field, storm water management, and other issues. Columbia Police Dept. officer Kevin Schmidt will also be on hand to give a report on public safety as well as new code enforcement initiatives. The meeting will last from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., and we hope to see you there.

Avoiding Mosquito Bites

Folks in Rosewood already  know how big a nuisance mosquitoes can be. But the pesky critters can be more than a nuisance. Recently a sample of mosquitoes taken from the Shandon area tested positive for West Nile virus. As a result, Richland County is urging residents to take steps to prevent mosquito bites. Although the risk of serious illness is low, precautions should be taken. “Most people infected with West Nile virus have no symptoms,” said Linda Bell, M.D. and state epidemiologist. “The rise of serious illness is low, with less than one percent of people infected developing a potentially fatal inflammation of the brain known as encephalitis.” However, DHEC has identified multiple cases of West Nile in South Carolina this year, including two in Richland County. So take precautions and avoid mosquito bites. Click on the following three links to learn how to protect yourself and your home. protect-your-home-from-mosquitoes protect-yourself-from-mosquito-bites west-nile-virus-action-sheet

Traffic Calming in Rosewood

At the Rosewood Community Council meeting on July 21st at the Arnold Boys & Girls Club, the city of Columbia’s traffic engineer, David Brewer, led a lively discussion on traffic calming in Rosewood. He presented us with a map of 22 possible sites for speed humps in our neighborhood. That map, which was created after many neighbors became alarmed by speeding drivers on our streets, is attached below. We’d like everyone to take a look at the map, and if you live near one of the proposed speed humps, send us a message on whether or not you approve. If you live on a street that doesn’t have any designated sites but you feel it needs speed humps, too, let us know about it. Mr. Brewer says it is up to us, Rosewood neighbors, to approve or reject these speed humps. Construction could begin fairly quickly on the ones that are approved. So give us some feedback. You can make your comments here on this post, at the RCC Facebook page, or by emailing RCC president Mike Miller at Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Rosewood Area Speed Hump Map

RCC Quarterly Meeting

The quarterly meeting of the Rosewood Community Council will take place this Thursday, July 21, at 6:30 p.m. at the Boys & Girls Club on Holly Street [map]. The city’s traffic engineer, David Brewer, will lead a discussion about traffic calming in Rosewood. Michael Juras will give an update on the community orchard at Owens Field Park. Also on the agenda will be Officer Kevin Schmidt of the CPD, who will give us a neighborhood public safety report.

Recent flooding

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all South Carolinians who were victims of the devastating floods last week. Many neighbors in Rosewood lost their entire homes. A Facebook page has been created to coordinate efforts to help those in Rosewood who’s homes flooded. Please follow that page and consider volunteering your time or donating supplies. Also, several GoFundMe accounts have been set up to allow people to donate directly to neighbors.

Quarterly Meeting 10/22/14

Please join your neighbors on Wednesday, October 22 at 6:30 p.m. for the quarterly RCC meeting. We have on the agenda:
-Officer Schmidt, the new PACE officer for our neighborhood
-Proposed Miracle Field at Owens Field Park
-Proposed changes to the city’s zoning laws that would allow high density housing on Rosewood Drive.

The meeting will be held at the Hamilton-Owens Field Airport conference room, 1400 Jim Hamilton Blvd.