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Private dorm zoning changes

The City of Columbia Planning Commission has approved an amendment to the city’s zoning ordinance to allow high-density housing (private dorms), in land zoned as C-3.  There are several C-3 properties on Rosewood Drive, mainly between Assembly Street and A.C. Moore Elementary and near Midlands Tech. This map shows C-3 zoned land on Rosewood Drive.

The current ordinance prohibits high-density housing within 600 feet of a property zoned as residential. The amendment would reduce that distance to 300 feet if the property is buffered by a railroad, an arterial street, or commercial zoning. A C-3 property cannot have high-density housing if the property line is within 600 feet of a property that is zoned as residential. Most, if not all, of the C-3 properties on Rosewood Drive directly border a residential property and thus do not meet this 600 foot requirement.

Zoning Administrator Brian Cook attended the last RCC meeting and informed us that he did not think any land zoned as C-3 on Rosewood Drive would be allowed to build high-density housing. Mr. Cook informed us that there were areas near the stadium that would possibly be able to build such housing. City Council will hold a public hearing on this matter at its November 18 meeting.

Read the amendment here.


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

One thought on “Private dorm zoning changes

  1. If I were voting, I’d vote against this amendment. I believe it is more appropriate to review proposed high density developments (anywhere in the City) as special exceptions on a case-by-case basis with public input. Why should we shortcut the process for developers?

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