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August 28 DHEC meeting recap

Thanks to everyone who attended the DHEC public meeting on Tuesday. While it seems more questions were raised than answered, this meeting was a constructive step forward toward addressing the existing pollution and finding a solution that removes polluters from our neighborhood.

We agree with Mayor Steve Benjamin’s assessment at the meeting that the best solution here is one that removes the Seaco plant from our neighborhood. RCC also strongly supports the Mayor’s land swap proposal to relocate Seaco from Rosewood to another, sparsely-populated location in the county.

Please contact Mayor Benjamin and Councilman Moe Baddourah and let them know you support Mayor Benjamin’s land swap proposal.

Read comments offered at the meeting by RCC here.

At the meeting, Associated Asphalt presented their plans for expansion, to include building a railroad spur on newly-acquired non-adjacent property and instituting a scrubbing technology to help alleviate smells from the plant. We learned that Associated Asphalt is owned by Goldman Sachs. We also learned that hydrochloric acid, a dangerous substance that is a chemical component of asphalt emulsion, is stored in a 7,500 gallon tank on Seaco property.

We have a long road ahead of us. RCC plans to remain involved with DHEC, EPA, and political leaders to ensure that the lead, arsenic, and any other pollutants are removed from our neighborhood and that responsible parties bear the cost of making our neighborhood safe for all of our residents.

Find out more about the meeting from an article in The State, an article in The Columbia Star, and video coverage from WOLO.


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

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