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Lead and Arsenic Contamination

Last week, DHEC tested homes on Easy Street and Corning Road for lead and arsenic in the soil. DHEC delivered results to residents on July 30, 2012, and urged these residents to take precautions. If you were not notified of testing in your yard, then you are probably not at risk. The operations of a fertilizer plant that operated in the early 1900s is suspected to have caused this contamination.

This map shows the location of the fertilizer plant superimposed over a 2012 map of the homes in the area.

Here’s a map of this area in relation to the greater Rosewood neighborhood.

Residents whose homes currently stand where this lake used to be may be at risk for contamination.

DHEC has a website with more information about this lead and arsenic contamination. And you can read the latest news articles here and here.

In early July, we learned that the Seaco asphalt emulsion plant was sold to new owners with plans to expand. During that sale, DHEC learned of groundwater contamination under the site. This is a different problem from the lead and arsenic in the soil. We don’t have full information on the groundwater contamination, but you can read more here.


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

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