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Seaco Asphalt Emulsion Plant Expansion Updates

Find updated information below on the proposed expansion of the Seaco asphalt emulsion plant in the Rosewood neighborhood.

  1. A July 7 article in The State alerted the neighborhood to the sale and possible expansion of the Seaco asphalt emulsion plant.
  2. Rosewood Community Council wrote a letter to neighbors on July 10 about the expansion, with copies of the cleanup contract between DHEC and the new buyers, and RCC’s Freedom of Information Act requests.
  3. DHEC set up a website about the Seaco expansion.
  4. Lead and arsenic were found in the ground near Easy Street and Corning Road.
  5. Concerned residents met with city staff July 25.
  6. Mayor Benjamin wrote a letter to Seaco’s owners.
  7. DHEC set up another website, this one about the fertilizer plant’s lead and arsenic contamination.
  8. DHEC presented Edisto Court residents with results of lead and arsenic soil testing on July 30, and urged neighbors to take precautions.
  9. The EPA began testing in the Edisto Court area on August 3.
  10. DHEC provided free arsenic and lead tests to residents of Easy and Howe Streets and Corning Road on August 6 and 7.
  11. The tests from DHEC showed no elevated levels or lead or arsenic.
  12. DHEC held a public meeting on Aug. 28. Read a news article about that meeting here and comments offered at the meeting by the Rosewood Community Council.
  13. The EPA announced it will clean up yards affected by soil contamination.
  14. DHEC officially entered into the Voluntary Cleanup Contracts with Associated Asphalt.
  15. DHEC published the comments submitted regarding the cleanup contracts.
  16. The EPA began cleaning up contaminated yards in October.
  17. EPA cleanup is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
  18. The EPA finished cleaning up contaminated yards in December and declared the area free of pollution.

Find a compilation of news articles about the expansion here.

Please contact Jenna Stephens at if you have questions. Check back for updates.

This page was last updated December 21, 2012.


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

2 thoughts on “Seaco Asphalt Emulsion Plant Expansion Updates

  1. Time to move this blight on the community. These negatives have hurt us for well over 50 years. Time to move it out. NOW!

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