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News on the Seaco Expansion

Want to stay informed about what’s going on with the Seaco expansion, groundwater contamination, and lead and arsenic in the soil? Below is a running list of chronological news articles and videos we’ve compiled since we first learned about the proposed expansion.

July 7, The State article broke the news of groundwater contamination around the Seaco site
July 11, The State followup article
July 18, Free Times article on the groundwater contamination
July 24, WIS video on the contamination
July 25, Free Times article on DHEC testing and neighborhood meeting with City leaders
July 26, The State article about DHEC finding lead and arsenic in the soil near Easy St.
July 31, The State article about residents getting results to lead and arsenic testing in yards
August 1, The State article on history of drained lake next to fertilizer plant
August 1, Free Times article on DHEC lead and arsenic testing
August 3, The State article on EPA testing of yards and editorial on the lead and arsenic contamination
August 7, The State article on residents being tested for lead and arsenic
August 11, The State article where the EPA confirms lead and arsenic contamination
August 12, The State editorial and article on a Canadian company with links to the fertilizer plant
August 18, The State article on the results of lead and arsenic tests of residents
August 29, The State article and WOLO coverage of the August 28 public meeting
September 1, The State article about the EPA committing to clean up yards affected by soil contamination
September 14, The State editorial on the need to relocate the Seaco plant
October 20, The State article detailing when the EPA will begin cleaning up contaminated yards
December 21, The State article on cleanup ending in Edisto Court and the EPA declaring the area free of pollution

March 11, The State article on promising news that Seaco may agree to move from the neighborhood


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

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