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Rosewood Park Construction

As of November 2012, Rosewood Park has a new parking lot, a rain garden, and new lights. Read details about the construction below. The park will soon be getting new playground equipment, benches, tables, and a newly-resurfaced basketball court.

Rain Garden

A hole is dug for the rain garden-to-be
Permeable soil is added to the hole where the rain garden will be.
The rain garden is planted with water-loving, native plants.

Here is some more information on rain gardens.


A new lighting scheme was implemented to provide greater lighting of the park, without unnecessarily intruding into neighbors’ yards.

The city dug trenches for the new conduits for the lighting system.
Old lights were removed.
Old lights at left; new acorn-domed lights at right

Parking Lot

Permeable pavers called PaveDrain were used in the new parking lot. This is the first site in the state of South Carolina to use these pavers, which help to reduce stormwater runoff. You can read a little more about that process here.

Dirt parking lot
Dirt parking lot before renovations
A 12 inch sub-layer of rocks is installed.
PaveDrain pavers are installed
Completed parking lot

Read about more improvements planned for Rosewood Park and Valencia Park.


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

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