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Rosewood Crawfish Festival

It’s that time again! Music, beer, and seven thousand pounds of crawfish will be descending upon Rosewood Drive on May 5th, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for the 7th Annual Rosewood Crawfish Festival. Rosewood Community Council is sponsoring a table and we need volunteers! Do you have an hour? Two hours? All day? Please help out your neighborhood by volunteering to work at our table. Email if you’re interested. Thanks!


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

2 thoughts on “Rosewood Crawfish Festival

  1. Sorry, but the first Saturday of May is Derby Day. We’ll be hosting some friends for pie, juleps, and the Run for the Roses, as we do every year.

    (I must also confess to a problem with the way the Crawfish Festival is run. I refuse to pay an entrance fee for the privilege of going inside the chain link where I can buy things. Spend money for the opportunity to spend money? I don’t think so. I will not pay admission to a commercial zone.)

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