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Owens Field Airport Photos

Check out these historical aerial photos of Rosewood. The photo at right was taken in 1938, before most of the housing was developed in the neighborhood. Click to zoom in for a better look. Owens Field Airport was originally designed as two runways that intersected, forming an X. Much of Owens Field airport covered what is now Owens Field Park.

What we know today as Rosewood was then mostly farmland, forest, and orchards, with a few farmhouses. What we now know as Edisto Court looks like it was entirely forest.

The second picture was taken in 1955. Again, zoom in for a better look. Notice how much of the farm area was developed as houses by this point. Also, many of the streets we know today have filled in. I think I see my house!

The large forested area on the right is the area that bounds Gills Creek.

Thanks to Herrick Brown, assistant botanist with S.C. DNR, for researching these pictures for us!


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

One thought on “Owens Field Airport Photos

  1. In the 1955 picture I can my parents house and also the house I live in today. I recall the story of a Piper Cub crashing shortly after take off in the lot behind my parents house on the corner of Suber and Timberlane. Pilot was okay. My dad tells me that Owens Field was originally where Publix is today. Basically a landing strip. I’ll see him tonight and ask him about that again.

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